I want to try your system for free. How Can I do it?

Go to app.stomp.market and you can log in using your google / wechat account. If you don’t have a Google account then please contact us and we will create a user ID for you. The system is free till you are processing 3000 items / Month. Please check our pricing section for details.

What is WMS?

WMS is warehouse management system. WMS is used to plan and manage inventory in a warehouse. You may use stomp as WMS.

What other features Stomp has apart from WMS?

Stomp is not just WMS but you can manage your catalog, sync your inventory with online marketplace, Manage your shipment, identify other sellers who can sell your inventory, identify inventory to liquidify. It is not just a WMS but a complete system to manage your business.

How can you help me in increasing my sales?

Apart from inventory management: you may use stomp

  • You may offer other sellers your brands / items for sale. You will have to drop-ship items in this case
  • Similarly if you want to sell somebody else items on your channel they will drop ship items directly to your customers
  • You may mark excess inventory for liquidation in stomp and your items will be eligible to sell on multiple marketplaces integrated with Stomp

Stomp charges a commission of 5% from the seller in case sellers is selling item from other brand / seller.

What is liquidation Inventory?

Liquidation inventory is the excess stock which you are not able to sell and are willing to get rid at a much lower cost than your purchase price. A company will always have some liquidation stock and it is a smart move to make whatever money possible from this stock.

Normally in offline market; it is traded at 20% - 30% of the purchase value depending on category.

Stomp helps you in liquidation of this stock so that you can get better deal than the offline market.

How do you process liquidation inventory?

Apart from inventory management: you may use stomp

You may mark your inventory for liquidation and provide liquidation price in Stomp. There are multiple sites / marketplaces to which this inventory gets exposed and this helps in liquidation.

Please feel free to get back should you have any questions.

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