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StompMarket has been under development for over 5 years and is being used successfully at many large sellers and brands. StompMarket founders have run their own businesses creating brands and selling items on the internet for about a decade. Stomp managed channels have achieved high sales and recognitions over the years. One of our brands also won a national award for being the best online exporter!

StompMarket's mission is to help its members achieve global revenues and low costs without significant overheads. This we will achieve by providing tools for sellers, suppliers and brands to create, manage and distribute their inventory and catalog information. This will ensure maximum sales visibility and lowest possible operational costs - ensuring sustainable high profits.

StompMarket founders have built lasting brands on the web marketplaces. This has led us to have an astute understanding of global trade and best practices. Stomp encapsulates these best practices and facilitates anybody who wants to achieve high sales just by follwing these tools and practices. Unlike traditional systems which solve only inventory management problem, Stomp solves all of these problems together

  • Distributed warehouse management.
  • International quality distributed catalog management.
  • Creating sales over domestic and global marketplaces and carts
  • Managing financial planning and reconciliation
  • Sourcing stock from other brands at SoR, DropShip or Cash-and-Carry basis
  • Selling through international sellers/distributors at scale
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Our Services

Stomp Modules

Have your own brand to sell? Want other brands to sell your products? Just upload you products to Stomp and start selling on multiple channels.


Struggle in managing your inventory? Use Stomp inventory management to easily manage your warehouse, item sourcing, reporting. Get a bird's eye and a worm's eye view of what you own. Manage multiple locations and scenarios.

Multiple Selling Channels

Sell on your own site? Sell in a shop? Sell on marketplaces? Want to sell on any of the above? No problem! We manage everything for you. One click support for integrating channels like eBay, Amazon, FlipKart, PoS, Shopify etc.


Sitting on stock but unable to sell? Are you a manufacturer looking for sellers for your brand? Stomp is designed to help you sell your stock through other sellers who are doing great on channels. Get orders just by managing your warehouse.


Do you have access to a sales channel but not enough great products to sell, use sellers opting for upsell to sell their products without risk. StompMarket inventory and catalog management system ensures highly reliable stock synchronization.


StompMarket is designed for sellers to be able to use the system on their own. If you still require support, Stomp provides warehouse, catalog and sales account management as optional services so you don't face any issues.




Products Shipped daily


Products in Catalog


Stock under management


Flexible Plans

The StompMarket cloud apps are Free! Only selling or support services are charged. Any local taxes extra as applicable.

Full Product

₹ 9,999/-

  • Inventory Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Marketplace integrations
  • Financial Management

Cross Selling


  • Grow your revenue without buying inventory
  • Charged only if you sell a product from another member
  • No cost to the supplier
  • Optional

Catalog Services

$ 1.2/-

Per Sku
  • ₹ 200/-($ 3) for Model
  • Includes photo, description and uploads
  • Listing can be done directly by seller
  • Optional

Channel Integrations Including global destinations